Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How to Make Money Online - Simple Steps

How to Make Money Online - Simple Steps

A lot of posts are written about this Topic, but always writers tend to complicate things a little bit.
i have a simple philosophy about this big Industry which is "MAKING MONEY ONLINE".

let's get straight to the point:
First of all if you are willing to start working in this Industry, you have to keep some rules in mind.
The Simple Way to Make Money not just Online but Offline as well is Delivering VALUE.

i  learned  this from JIM ROHN
" We get Paid for Bringing Value to the Marketplace. It takes Times,...but we get Paid for the VALUE not the TIME". 

i hope you understand what is the most important rule ever..

2 - Start your Business
Now let's assume you decided to start working online, there are several things you have to consider then..

what does it mean ???
 simply don't start a website just to earn some money and close it before, that is not how the big guys think.
you have to start something that will make your name remembered
in that market..

Second You must have something to offer to your Audience :
If you are an expert in something that will be easy for you to deliver Value to the Market..
if you are not, you must  be willing to learn about the market you choose to work in..
don't even think about copying and pasting info from other websites..you'll waste your time.
your website will never get ranked in the first spots in the Search engines you are targeting like Google or Bing...
 that's mean you don't have to be a rich guy to start a website in the Online World..
you don't need a big budget to start it's just a couple of Dollars to pay for the Hosting and the Domains Fees..

So that was a Quick introduction about HOW TO STAR YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE

and we will talk a lot about more stuff in the coming posts..

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